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Tanya Chapman is the President of The Chapman Group, a human resource management consulting company specializing in developing human resource strategy and planning, building human resource programs, leadership development, performance management and facilitating change.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from St. Thomas University along with a certificate in Human Resource Management and an MBA from the University of New Brunswick.  She is a designated Certified Human Resource Professional and has completed the ICD Directors Education Program from the Rotman School of Business.  


Tanya was a university admissions officer before joining an oil and gas company, where she held positions of increasing responsibility in learning and development, organizational effectiveness, change management and human resource strategy. She served on the Executive Team as the Chief Human Resource Officer with responsibility for Human Resources and Public Affairs.

Tanya is a facilitator, and works with individuals and teams to help them create focus and clarity to achieve their professional and personal goals.  She has a passion for working with businesses and not for profit organizations to deliver sustainable change for our region, and is highly committed to leading with purpose.

Contact Tanya at or on her cell at 506.343.3920

The Chapman Group has in-depth experience in:

Jackie Sullivan has over 30 years of progressive business experience including 14 years in the oil and gas industry.  Throughout her career, she has designed learning and development programs, led change initiatives, and invested time in helping organizations, teams and individuals build capability and capacity based on the needs of their business. She is sought after as a trusted advisor.


Jackie is an experienced human resource professional and a life-long learner. She is a Certified Human Resource Professional and has received her Third Party Neutral Conflict Resolution Strategies Certification from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR); a Certificate in Organizational Development from Queen’s Industrial Relations Centre; and a Change Management Certificate from Prosci Learning Center and several leadership development certifications from Leadership Management International.

Jackie is a natural coach and mentor, dedicated to the development of people and the achievement of business goals.  She is an effective business partner and a skilled facilitator who works collaboratively with individuals and teams to implement change, enable leadership alignment, and develop team members. Her experience, ability to work through difficult situations and practical approach, make her a valuable team member and a sought after thinking partner.

Contact Jackie at or on her cell at 506.651.3460

Maureen Olsen is a Senior Business Associate with The Chapman Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Francis Xavier University along with a certificate in Management from UNB, and an MBA from the University of Fredericton, specializing in Human Resource Management.  

Maureen served as the Director of Operations for a design company for 11 years, and has over 25 years of experience in ensuring organizations are operationally effective.  She has led projects related to technology implementation, human resource management, financial planning, business planning and marketing.  Maureen is focused on providing solutions to her clients that align their business activities to their vision and strategy, and sets up systems that enable them to monitor organizational, team and individual performance against strategic goals. 

Maureen is adaptable, eager and engaged as a business consultant.  For her clients, she translates ideas and desires into executable plans.

Contact Maureen at or on her cell at 506.643.0104

Judy Van Tassel is a trusted HR Professional with 20 years of human resources and management experience, spanning a range of industries, in both public and private sector organizations. She works closely with clients to develop HR solutions that enable organizations to attract, develop and retain top talent.

Judy is an innovative, enthusiastic human resources professional with demonstrated success in all areas of human resource management. Strengths in: culture alignment, employee relations, development & performance management; compliance, procedures & policies; strategic HR infrastructure development; and global recruitment.

With a demonstrated history of excellence in the fast-paced IT and services industry, she understands the delicate dynamic of developing people from within while balancing the attraction of new talent to fill necessary skills gaps. Involved in many key projects throughout her career, Judy has been responsible for human resources, team management, global recruitment, finance and payroll requirements.

Contact Judy at or on her cell at 506.721.4454