Let our team transform yours. - The Chapman Group

Let our team transform yours.

The Chapman Group is a strategic management consulting company specializing in developing human resource strategies and plans, facilitating change and building learning and leadership programs. We believe in respect for the individual, leading with integrity and making a difference every day. We make that belief a reality through our work with a wide range of clients who seek to grow their organization and their people.


Agile, able, adaptable: these are the trademarks of a Chapman Group team member. Our collective experience is wide and deep, drawing on diverse talents from both the private and non-profit sectors. What unites us is a shared sense of purpose to bring out the best in your people and your organization through positive, progressive and proactive services.

Meet The Team


We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions. We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and tailor program solutions that match the desired outcomes. Every client is unique and so, too, is our approach. Whatever your size or sector, wherever you are in the business life-cycle, we can help. We scale our services to your budget and needs for a perfect fit. A fit for purpose.